A Destination

Welcome to Grant's! 

Grant's famous food has been a delicious tradition of Ferndale, Washington dating back to 1964 when Russ & Linda Grant offered fantastic burgers, fries and shakes, at affordable prices.

For all of those that have enjoyed Grant's delicious food over these many decades, untold thousands have their favorite "Russ" one liners or jokes, that made eating at Grant's, a truly unique and fun experience. 

Russ' enormous popularity through his great food and humor, and the thousands that he had known, could perhaps not been better exemplified than at the time of his passing, when the town of Ferndale was literally shut down, to honor the man and his extraordinary community pride.

Today, the Grant's tradition of fantastic food at affordable prices is serving second, third and fourth generation customers at the Ferndale restaurant, the Lynden restaurant and the Grant's Awesome Food Trailer, from daughter Kim, Russ' wife Linda, sisters, children, grandchildren and other fine Grant's Burgers employees. 

Take a minute to experience something unique by coming to Grant's. Russ' famous "one liners", are found throughout each restaurant. Stop by, have some fantastic affordable food, and laugh a little, you'll be glad you did!

GRANT'S AND Families!

"My dad brought me to Grants, now I'm bringing my grandchildren. I love the Double Double, best burger on the planet."

Dave S. 

Our two locations!

Ferndale or Lynden, the same great Grant's food. Russ' famous one liners and jokes are everywhere! 


Want your special event or hard working crew to enjoy Grant's fantastic food? The Grant's Awesome Food Trailer is available!