making it FRESh is the only way to make it the best

Doing it right

When you do anything for a while, you make a number of mistakes to learn how to do it right, that's just part of life. When you've been doing something specific for 50 years, well, you most likely have figured it out, or if you haven't, well honestly, you won't be around very long. For Grant's, one of the key things to making our signature food, is keeping the ingredients fresh by keeping the ingredients coming frequently. Smaller batch orders from out great suppliers gives us the consistent high quality to do what we know how to do best, make great and affordable food. When you think about it, fifty years is a very long time.

some of our fantastic suppliers

local relationships

Without having developed great relationships over the years with our wonderful suppliers, it would be impossible for us to do what we do best and make the great food for you to enjoy. Being in any service related industry is no walk in the park, we know that first hand, and these are just a few of the companies that work every bit as hard as we do. We tip our hats to these companies and the hard working men and women that make it all happen. 

GRANT'S LEGENDARY secret sauce

yep, it's ours

Q: "So what exactly is in that secret sauce?"
A: Secret ingredients made in a special way,
    That keep you coming back to Grant's,
    Day after day.

Probably the most frequently asked question by someone who has not been to Grant's before. After about their 5th or 6th time here, they just stop asking, because, we ain't telling. The legendary Grant's secret sauce recipe was developed over 50 years ago, it's the same today as it was then.