For decades, we have been known for our fantastic fish. We only make it on Fridays, and it takes lot of steps to do it right.

Generations of both loyal and new customers often ask, "How in the world can you make it so good, every Friday?". That's a great question, and while we can't give you our secret recipes, we can show and tell you a little about why our "Fish & Chips", has become so enjoyed by generations of loyal customers, and those that are new to Grant's. 

For our guests to enjoy our Fish Friday, the work actually begins every Monday! That's right, to make sure we have the freshest ingredients on hand just before Friday morning, the preparation all actually starts on Monday, so we can make your fish, fresh to order. 

Fresh, Sweet Pacific, Cod Fillets. Each Friday, we clean and cut, generous pieces of fresh, sweet Pacific whole cod fillets for your order of either a two piece, or, a four piece order. Pure and simple, the freshest fish, makes the best fish.


The Secret Batter Recipe. Their are a few good batter recipes in the world, but not too many that have stood the test of time from 1964. Better than Mom's? Well, it's always tough to beat Mom's, but, a lot of Mom's come to Grant's on Friday to enjoy our fish. I guess if that's a good report card, we'll humbly take it. 

The Secret Dry Roll Recipe. Designed with our secret batter recipe in mind, the the secret combination of spices and dry roll ingredients, work together to give the fish wonderful flavor, incredible flake, and awesome crunch. From the moment you break open a perfectly cooked hunk, and watch the steam rising from the delicate, white sweet cod, it's not the fish that's been hooked, yep, it's YOU! 


The Best Tartar Sauce Known To Mankind. Or at least Whatcom county. Another Grant's specialty that, yep, you guessed it, it's made fresh, right here. Combined with your perfect fish, it celebrates even further the great flavors in every bite, and often finds its way to many a french fry.  


Cooked To Timed Perfection. Really. If you might not have figured it out by now, their is nothing random about why our fish is so appreciated, including, very importantly, a very exact cooking time for your fish. With your order now completely pampered from it's humble beginning four days earlier on Monday, the best fish, secret recipes united in purpose, it now comes down to the correct cooking temperature, and the exact length of time, to make another broad smiling face.


We've been putting smiles on peoples faces since 1964. If you have never been to Grant's, Fish Friday is just around the corner. Stop on over, you'll be glad you did.